Why Gold & Elm?

Why Gold & Elm?

Wedding photography extends beyond capturing exceptional photos; it encompasses comprehensive customer service and a personalized approach for a smooth, stress-free photography experience.

Candid Moments

I believe in capturing moments instead of taking photos. Embracing the art of candid photography, I am dedicated to preserving the genuine and unscripted moments that unfold during your wedding day. With years of experience, I bring a refined skill set to anticipate and seamlessly capture those precious candid moments. My ability to blend into the background and observe allows me to document the raw emotions, laughter, and spontaneous interactions that make your celebration uniquely yours, ensuring your photos become cherished memories for a lifetime.


Effective and prompt communication is a cornerstone of my commitment to you as a couple. From the convenience of video calls for face-to-face discussions to swift responses via email, I prioritize clear and timely communication. Whether it’s discussing your vision, addressing concerns, or finalizing details, I am dedicated to ensuring that every interaction is efficient and accommodating. This approach creates a smooth and stress-free experience as we work together to capture the essence of your special day.

Expertise & Experience

One of the crucial aspects of my service is the meticulous creation of a timeline tailored to optimize your wedding photography experience. By strategically arranging events and determining appropriate durations, the timeline is carefully curated to capture the moments that matter most to you while making the most of your time.

Engagement Session

Start your wedding photography journey with a complimentary engagement session—more than just photos, it’s our chance to connect, get comfortable, and ensure the big day is beautifully captured and stress-free.

Focusing on Fit

Booking couples who resonate with my style is crucial. I’m not the photographer for everyone—I’m here for those who are a perfect fit.

On your special day, we’re not just photographer and client – we’re a team creating memories. I bring a calm and organized approach to every moment, ensuring that your wedding day flows smoothly. Couples who appreciate a relaxed yet systematic approach find comfort in my method.

Connect with us!

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